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About is a website that promotes the views and opinions of the anti-psychiatry movement, which is a movement based on the view that psychiatric treatment is often more damaging than helpful to patients, highlighting controversies about psychiatry. The website claims that psychiatry is a harmful and oppressive practice that violates human rights and dignity.  It also challenges the validity and reliability of psychiatric diagnoses and treatments, and advocates for alternatives to psychiatry such as peer support, holistic health, trauma-informed therapy, social justice and human rights. The website features articles, videos, podcasts, books, and links to other resources that criticize various aspects of psychiatry, such as the reliability of psychiatric diagnosis, the effectiveness and harm of psychiatric medications, the coercive nature of involuntary commitment and treatment, electroconvulsive therapy, the DSM, and the philosophical and ethical implications of psychotherapy and psychoactive drugs.
The website claims to be "a voice for the voiceless" and "a platform for those who have been harmed by psychiatry". It also states that it is not affiliated with any organization or group, and that it does not provide any medical or legal advice. The website is run by a group of volunteers such as anti-psychiatry activists, writers, and researchers who have personal or professional experience with psychiatry and who share a common vision of "a world free of psychiatric oppression". The website invites visitors to join the anti-psychiatry movement and to contribute their own stories.
 Some of the topics covered by the website include:
The history and critique of psychiatry and its institutions.
The role of pharmaceutical companies and the media in promoting psychiatry.
The adverse effects and risks of psychiatric drugs and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).
The lack of scientific evidence and consensus for psychiatric diagnoses and treatments.
The experiences and testimonies of psychiatric survivors and whistleblowers.
The legal and ethical issues of involuntary commitment and forced treatment.
The alternatives and solutions to psychiatry and mental distress.
Work of people such as the following is featured on the website:
Thomas Szasz, a psychiatrist and the founder of the anti-psychiatry movement.
Robert Whitaker, a journalist and the author of Anatomy of an Epidemic.
Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist and the author of Toxic Psychiatry.
David Healy, a psychiatrist and the author of Pharmageddon.
Joanna Moncrieff, a psychiatrist and the author of The Myth of the Chemical Cure.
John Read, a psychologist and the editor of Models of Madness.
Bonnie Burstow, a feminist scholar and the author of Psychiatry and the Business of Madness.
Jim Gottstein, a lawyer and the founder of the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights.
Mad in America, a webzine and a network of anti-psychiatry activists and professionals.
The website states that its mission is to expose the truth about psychiatry and to empower people to reclaim their lives and freedom from psychiatric oppression. It also invites visitors to support its cause. The website has a disclaimer that it is not intended to provide medical advice or to replace the services of a qualified health care professional. It also warns that discontinuing psychiatric drugs can be dangerous and should be done under the guidance of a doctor. is not sponsored by any commercial or corporate interests and is self-funded. does not tolerate any abusive, hateful, or disrespectful comments, and it reserves the right to delete or edit any such comments.

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