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The murderous spree of a family and the system in Cyprus

Here is the story of John and Jack. The massively abusive, affluent father of an expatriated family, threw his family to the street, and his family subsequently moved to Cyprus.

No family member from the extended family would bother to visit the poor family, apart from a couple of kindly-hearted aunts from the mother's side.

Total isolation from the extended family.

When one of the sons massively succeeded professionally, they remembered to spend holidays together.

Still, there was massive isolation.

The system showed its ugly face and crippled one of the sons (hopefully fully recovered) and denied pharmaceutical, nursing, and medical access to the other son, which eventually led to his untimely death.

Total isolation from the extended family.

Then, the poor family found itself in extreme poverty, and the affluent father, who surprisingly owns a series of luxury apartments and never bothered to buy a humble little house for his sons and the extended family decided not to offer a single penny.

They stopped inviting John to family dinners.

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