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Shocking!!! 0.1 to 1% of the population controls the remaining 99 to 99.9%!!!

0.1 to 1% of the population controls the remaining 99 to 99.9%, All they want is money and power and ***. Along the way they *** and *** the 99% and they die at 100. Nobody tolerates bullshit. We will kick them out. We don't want them in Cyprus.
We'll get their money and make them poor. We'll get their power too and remove them from their positions. That's their fear. Problem solved. They don't have 3 *** and 4 ***.
We'll kick them out of Cyprus peacefully, just like Gadhi did with the Britons. We know who they are.
We'll elect fearless people who don't care about money and cannot be corrupted by power.
With protests outside their homes, they'll scare to death and flee the country.
Just like they did the bail-in to Cypriot banks, we'll do the same to them.
They have most of their money in banks in Switzerland of course.
They do everything, ** them, rape them, make them mentally and physically ill, impoverish them, drive them to *** and crime, leave them ***, *** them from diabetes, cancer, and illegal
substances. They divide society and spread hate. They ruin their families and their children. They
deny them the right to work, socialize, and marry and remove all human dignity from them, They
do it all.

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