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Here are the most important quotes from the website:
1. "The key message in this website: Too often, we focus on the wrong things in life, which results in stress and disharmony. To increase your quality of life, you need to identify your priorities, replace urgency with importance, and create balance between all your tasks. You can do this by having a future-oriented vision, which will help you set effective goals. When you put your 'first things' first, instead of putting the urgent or smaller things first, you'll achieve happiness and inner peace."  
2. "A good way to cultivate a 'high-trust-culture' is to get regular feedback from those you lead. This will demonstrate that you respect their opinion, and you'll also know what areas you might need to work on. For instance, if a leader listens to his employees' feedback, it shows that he values their judgment, and also demonstrates his humility: he knows his performance might not be perfect and he’s willing to change."  
3. "One of the greatest obstacles in life is complacency. When we assume we have endless time, we fail to act with swiftness. When we know we can retreat, we fail to fight with resolve. When we only see victories, we fail to anticipate the costs of our campaigns. That's where strategy, the art of planning, comes in. To think strategically is to take the long view. Is this war really worth fighting? If so, should we press ahead now or wait? It also tells us how we should fight: with urgency and clarity. When we take to the battlefield of life, we must place our backs against the wall and give ourselves no option for escape. When we know that our only choice is to move forward, we fight with much greater determination."  
4. "Survival - it's what our species is hardwired to do. For many of us, this looks drastically different from what it did for our prehistoric ancestors. Nowadays, it's more about attaining social validation than outrunning saber-toothed tigers. But no one’s immune to random acts. It's to learn a handful of best practices, God, so Before we look at a couple of emergency contexts, let's start with a more everyday occurrence: sleep. We all know sleep is critical to surviving, let alone thriving, as a human being."  
5. "In 2014, a report from the World Health Organization of the United Nations concluded with the following summary: A growing research base has produced evidence that the status quo, preoccupied with biomedical interventions, including psychotropic medications and non-consensual measures, is no longer defenseless in the context of improving mental health...Public policies continue to neglect the importance of pre-conditions of poor mental health, such as violence and the breakdown of communities, systematic socioeconomic disadvantage and harmful conditions at work and in schools...Reductive biomedical approaches to treatment that do not adequately address contexts and relationships can no longer be considered congruent with the right to health."  
These quotes provide valuable insights into prioritizing tasks, cultivating a high-trust culture, strategic thinking, survival, and mental health policies. 

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