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Several issues are mentioned on our website. Here are some possible solutions for each issue:
  1. Problem: Jeopardizing the viability of the thing being pitched. 
    Solution: Admit the problem upfront and explain how it has been or will be overcome. This helps set the audience at ease, builds credibility, and focuses their attention on the problem and its solution.
  2. Problem: Global hunger due to poverty, inequity, conflict, climate change, gender discrimination, weak government, and health systems. 
    Solution: Address the root causes of hunger by increasing access to food, improving agricultural productivity, strengthening social safety nets, promoting sustainable agriculture, and reducing food waste.
  3. Problem: Focusing on urgency rather than importance. 
    Solution: Prioritize tasks based on importance rather than urgency. Identify your priorities, set effective goals, and put "first things" first. This helps achieve happiness and inner peace by focusing on what is truly important.
  4. Problem: Lack of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 
    Solution: Engage in creative writing to improve problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Practice changing strategies or seeking advice from others when something doesn't work.
  5. Problem: Mental disorders as maladaptations. 
    Solution: Seek better-coping mechanisms and strategies to deal with the harsh realities of life. Consider professional help and support to address mental health issues effectively.
  6. Problem: Lack of empowerment and leadership. 
    Solution: Strive to empower others by creating conditions of trust, respect, and honesty. Involve others in decision-making and encourage them to find solutions themselves. Foster mutual trust and accountability in leadership roles.
Please note that these solutions are based on the provided context and may not cover all aspects of the issues mentioned. It is always recommended to seek further information and expert advice for specific problems.

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