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The Shocking Sufferings of a Family in Cyprus

This is the story of John as of 2023 in Cyprus. His adventures began many years ago:
Update: in mid-2023, the sexual disorder was finally overcome. Lucky John!
The text also includes the story of his brother Jack.
Accusations: Medical malpractice, causing bodily harm, exposure to death on a weekly basis since 2010, illegal treatment, over-treatment, refusal to stop medication, wrong diagnoses, mental anguish, bullying, violation of human rights, psychological abuse, breach of public duty, gang formation, refusal of medical treatment, intimidation and terrorizing against John, his mother and his brother Jack (and manslaughter against Jack).
-> John thought that his constipation was the result of his adhesions, i.e. scars in his intestines.
-> John wasn't aware of the sexual disorder until June 2022.
-> Until mid-2023 John still had severe/absolute sexual dysfunction.
-> Deprescribing of medicine takes a considerable amount of years.
Past - What the psychiatrists did to John
-> When Jane said, 'We'll continue with the same medicine', isn't
that she denied stopping them?
-> They never let John know of these horrendous and very common side effects of medication.
-> They were giving John 3 medicines at high doses that cause constipation and 3 medicines that cause sexual dysfunction.
-> John couldn't find a job because of the constipation the medicines caused him and I had to take measures to go to the toilet.
-> John had apnoea for 1.5 years and more, he told Jill and she did nothing, John couldn't
take it anymore and he stopped the medicine. As a result, he got an episode and someone, a local kiosk owner, hurt him physically and his right hand was disabled for 6 months - full recovery was uncertain. What about his reputation? How much did it get hurt? The extra episode can lead to more episodes in the future.
-> They were giving John 15 pills and now he will be getting none.
-> From 2010, John pooped only once a week. John was in constant death danger. And because of
the apnoea, twice a week, he was in danger for his life.
-> John had tachycardia once, and the trainee, prescribed two Emforal pills, that led to sexual disorder.
-> They gave John 3 Akineton pills (for the supposed extra-pyramidal side effects),
4 Emformal pills (for the supposed extra-pyramidal side effects and the supposed restless, 
because John told Jane he had restless), 300 mg Faverin, that she never discontinued for a simple OCD problem that
resolved itself (she never sent him to a psychologist) and Seroquel and to go to the toilet 
he had to take laxatives and enemas and they led to severe sexual dysfunction for 
many years
-> There was almost blatant lack of monitoring whether a 'mental problem' had stopped occurring and eventually all stopped
-> Luck of discussing and monitoring of life endangering conditions caused by side effects, such as the inability to poop
-> John was in often horrid pain, at his belly and his bottom, blood everywhere poured and he was constantly constipated. Nothing would come out from his
bottom by natural means, i.e. poop. John had to rely on a constant supply of laxatives and enemas.
-> They wanted to send John to the psychiatric yard, three or four times or more times. He would be unable to get
a job or get married, if that happened.
-> They refused to examine John when because of the problems they caused him, it was very stressful  and he could get another episode and they gave him a shot three times Haldol,
5 mg Akineton and another antipsychotic that led to further sexual disorder and
constipation and lasted 3 months in the body. They never told John what was inside
the injection.
-> John doubled Seroquel dose and the doctor never reduced it. Ever since John had severe
constipation problems. Also, the doctor knew John was in abdominal pain, because of the constipation
and he never did anything about it.
-> the clinic
didn't have the facilities to treat John's simple problem
of OCD
-> They gave John the worst possible medicines, Risperidone, Emforal, and Faverin.
-> They never treated John's severe vocal tics
-> They gave John the maximum dose of Faverin for a simple, OCD problem that occurred rarely.
-> The enzyme that was produced by over-exhaustion was harmless, the pathologist told John
and they gave me the maximum dose of Faverin
-> John went to the clinic three times and they never treated his problems
not even remotely successfully.
-> John paid lots of money to doctors (and spent lots of time), who is going to refund John?
-> Their medicines caused John short-sightedness, astigmatism and melasma.
-> John was hospitalized and nearly died from constipation.
-> Lara refused to treat John with Abilify, although it greatly helped with 
John's sexual disorder.
-> John has been symptoms free since 2015 and they never stopped his medicine (it's unclear if they were right, but the evidence against it was minimal),
even though that's what the protocol says.
-> Jill gave John Haldol because he had apnoea and told her of a particular
scientific article and that this medicine is worse than second-generation antipsychotics.
With Risperidone, later on, John still didn't get apnoea.
-> They caused John the temporal, albeit minor, reemergence of vocal tics.
-> John's forehead was scarred because of an allergic reaction to Risperidone.
-> John became 85kg because of Seroquel.
-> John's mum and brother got severely sick, because of the latest events with John pressing charges against the psychiatrists at the police.
-> I am on a strict diet, I walk a lot and I take medicine to go to the toilet.
-> John asked for a psychologist in 2017, before OCD occurred and they never sent him to one.
->  They never sent John to a psychologist, for his simple OCD problem. With CBT, it would be cured in 3 months. Instead, it lasted 8 months. Jane never stopped the medicine, Faverin, too.
-> Who is going to refund John for all the unnecessary suffering Jonh had to go through?
-> John is on a strict diet to survive the lipid dysfunction (dyslipidemia), that likely his medicine caused him.
-> Why did John acquire a slight degeneration in the kidneys? Is it because of the medicine?
-> Jane prescribed half a Vallium for the supposed 'side-effects' of his medication and John would consistently accidentally pee on his underwear at nights
-> Because John slept during the day, they prescribed him a hypnotic and he would accidentally pee on his underwear at night
-> John told his doctor he had side effects from his medicine and he was prescribed one additional Akineton
-> His asshole was constantly swollen
-> John couldn't pee because of Akineton.
-> John developed a severe problem with the processing of lipids and may die from it.
-> They never stopped his medication in 2015, as the protocol dictates, then in 2016 he started having extra-pyramidal side effects, according to the doctors,
and he ended up with 3 Akineton pills and 4 Emforal pills. When he stopped that medication, none of the symptoms returned, why is that?
-> They gave John 1mg of Risperidone for occasional anxiety.
-> This large quantity of pills they were giving John could potentially damage his internal organs.
-> John acquired a lipids processing dysfunction, possibly by the medication.
-> John had an episode, because of Jill.
-> The psychiatrists don't send John to doctors for the medical conditions caused by the medicine, so he goes by myself.
-> They partially let me know of the dangers of abruptly stopping the medications,
so John found himself the hard or easy way.
-> The doctors never told John about his lipid problem dysfunction, which is also
-> They gave John Risperidone (which causes serious sexual dysfunction), Emforal, and Faverin, all of which cause sexual dysfunction. They never asked if I had any sexual disorder.
-> Many of the side effects of these medications that occurred to John, are very common (e.g. sexual and metabolic disorders).
-> Also, John ended up in the Emergency Room many times, with constipation. Once, John hadn't pooped for 2-3 weeks.
-> John also ended up in the Emergency Room with possible partial obstruction in 2022.
-> John had (and still has) a minor adhesions problem, that caused John severe constipation with pain, once or twice a year.
-> Late in the course of the case, the psychiatrists were notified about the
adhesions problem, nonetheless, they gave him all this medicine.
-> Late in the course of the case, the doctors told him to take Duphalac, a laxative, which by the way causes tolerance.
-> Jill misdiagnosed his isolated and brief delusion and a subsequent 1/50 of a delusion as an episode and didn't stop his medicine in 2015.
-> Mary misdiagnosed John with an episode in the clinic in 2022, where he went to reduce his medicine because he was telling the truth, about going to the police and talking to the press. 
Plus,  she gave me him shot that lasted three months in the blood and never told me what was inside, although she asked for his permission to give it to me.
-> Madison said, John had a minor relapse because he wanted to express himself and went frequently to the police, submitting evidence, after he pressed charges.
-> When it comes to the case of Jane, there are testimonies that the OCD problem was totally resolved, but the medicine was not stopped. Therapy lasts 6 to 12 months. The OCD problem was resolved in just 8 months since the beginning of therapy.
-> The doctors in a particular sector refused to examine me, finding excuses. He found a doctor in another sector.
-> They refused to send John to a particular activities center, out of fear he might start recounting his experiences.
-> They never told John that with one episode only, medicine is stopped, and with 2
episodes only again medicine is stopped so John would take measures to not get another episode.
->A whole governmental agency threatened the whole family of John that they would lock them in the psychiatric yard
-> Why exactly Jane believe John's OCD was still existant? Did she assume it? 
-> They never let John know that he was able to receive social benefits,
the basic or the augmented one.
-> This psychiatric medicine can make people diabetic. They can also confer cardiovascular disease and other fancy diseases like Tardive Dyskinesia.
They can even lead to suicidal thoughts.
-> John's Faverin pills had to be stopped 3.5 years ago as of 2023.
-> The 3 Akineton and 4 Emforal pills didn't have a therapeutic effect on John.
-> They forbade the community nurses and the care assistant from seeing and visiting John's family.
-> The government, police, and press totally ignored John when he desperately asked for help and punishment of the culprits.
-> They were giving John 8 pills that raise cholesterol.
-> How does John know he didn't get ocd from the horrors of constant death endangerment from severe constipation?
-> They denied access to John to healthcare (doctors and nurses), which resulted in searching for other doctors.
-> A person that might have been influenced by all that, killed himself.
-> The psychiatrists arranged for a warrant, attempting to lock John in.
Poor John's previous doctor was supposed to withdraw him from a very bad medicine and she never did. Instead, she did reduce its dose and prescribed a good one (although she overprescribed), and then, she moved to the private sector and abandoned him. When no doctor would see him in the public sector and he was running out of medicine, she denied prescribing him his medicine.
Poor Jack was released from the psychiatric yard and by law there was an obligation to be seen by a psychiatrist and was never accepted to be seen to the point that he ran out of medicine. At that point, he killed himself.
Poor John was walking a lot out of boredom and because he loved to exercise and his psychiatrists thought(?) it was the side effects of his medication to blame, so they prescribed him and fed him 2 oversized pills and then one more of them for lots of years. The consequences were catastrophic; he was unable to poop.

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